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Closed Friday 4th August and Saturday 5th Augusr

By Adrian on 2017-08-03


Eyesentials will be closed on Friday the 4th of August and Saturday the 5th. We will be open as usual on Monday 7th of August. We appologise for any inconvenience caused.


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Sunglass showcase event

By on 2017-05-30

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Ray-ban prescription eyewear available at Eyesentials Leyland

By Adrian Halsall on 2017-05-24

New for 2017 Ray-Ban  launch their prescription eyewear. Now available at Eyesentials Opticians Leyland.  

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Review of Bolle Vortex

By on 2017-05-01

 Eyesential Opticians in Leyland stock a variety of sunglasses including sports Sunwear. Here we asked a patient to review and report their wearing experience.
Review of Bolle prescription sports sunglasses 11412 Vortex avaialble with prescription insert.

Amber photochromic outer lens
Cle...   Read More

Award winning Cocoa Mint and Jensen Sunglasses

By Adrian Halsall on 2017-04-18


Are you ready for summer ? Look great feel great with award winning  Cocoa Mint and Jensen Sunglasses offering UV protection with style

Great quality and excellent value prescription or plano sunglasses.


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Easter HolidayS

By Adrian Halsall on 2017-04-13



Wishing you a happy Easter from all at Eyesentials Opticians cool

We will close Friday 14th April and will re-open Tuesday 18th April


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Atellier by Silhouette

By Adrian Halsall on 2017-03-21

         Atelier collection

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Are you entitled to an NHS eye test

By Adrian Halsall on 2017-02-24


Having your eyes tested regularly is important. Your eyes usually will not hurt when something is wrong. An eye examination is a vital health check for your eyes that can pick up early signs of eye conditions before you are aware of any symptoms.

Conditions such as Diabetes, Glaucoma, Macula degeneration and High blood pressure are just some of the health conditions that can affect your eyes.

Early detection of these eye problems can be vital in preserving ou...   Read More

Low Vision

By Eyesentials Opticians in leyland. on 2017-02-13

What is low vision? 


Here at Eyesentials Opticians which is located in Leyland's and provides eye care for many people throughout Leyland, Chorley and Preston.  

Low vision is when a person's sight can't necessarily be corrected with glasses or contact lenses.

Low vision can develop due to old age but can get wor...   Read More

William Morris Eyewear

By on 2017-02-12

In 1996, Robert Morris created William Morris London – an independent company with a very ‘English’ brand. The aim? To offer designer glasses to every audience, providing superb original designs which continually evolve.

Coupled with the love and pride that goes into creating the frames is the same level of hard work, dedication and personal service that each member of the William Morris London team strive to give their customers on a da...   Read More

Do you suffer from dry eye?

By Adrian Halsall on 2017-01-25

Many of us will experience some of the symptoms of dry eye,don't suffer in silence let us help today.


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January Sale

By on 2017-01-01

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Derian House

By Adrian on 2016-12-22

Thank you everyone who has supported and helped us raise £200 during December for Derian House. Without fundraising they would not be able to maintain the fantastic and much needed service they provide.


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Christmas Opening hours

By Adrian on 2016-12-22

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Staff training Saturday 10th of December

By Adrian on 2016-12-09


We will be closed for staff training on Satuday the 10th December. We appologise for any inconvenience. Open as usual on Monday 12th of December


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Looking forward to Christmas

By Adrian on 2016-11-22


32 days until Christmas!Christmas Window

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Drive Safe

By Adrian Halsall on 2016-11-15

Do you have visual problems driving in bad weather or poor light. Zeiss Drive safe lenses could be the answer!

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We don’t just take digital measurements when measuring for your new glasses!

By Adrian Halsall on 2016-04-15

We Take them in 3D! 

Eyesentials Opticians have been using digital measurement for many years when dispensing spectacles .We regularly take measurements with digital pupilometers and tablet devices, but for the most sophisticated lens products we will use our state of the art 3D measuring device. This multiple camera device enables the very best optica...   Read More

How the Eye works

By Adrian Halsall on 2016-04-15


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Design Event Saturday and Sunday 27th and 28th February

By Adrian Halsall on 2016-04-15

Our event will run on Saturday the 27th and Sunday 28th  February. By appointment only.

Exclusive special offers and prize draws will be available during the event to make this a truly special occasion. Click on the image to find out more about Tom Davies eyewear.

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Design your own bespoke frame

By Adrian Halsall on 2016-04-15




A Bespoke design consultation starts with getting to know you and...   Read More

New Arrivals Cocoa Mint and Jensen Sunglasses

By Adrian Halsall on 2016-04-15

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Eyesentials Sale

By Adrian Halsall on 2016-04-15

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August prize draw winner

By Adrian Halsall on 2016-04-15

Pictured wearing his polarised wimbledon Sunglasses August prize draw winner  Mr Brian Walker Keep a clear view of all the details in all outdoor activities. Polarised  lenses reduce the reflections from smooth and bright surfaces or from wet roads. Whether for fishing, biking, or water sports, negative effects like a high incidence of light, disturbing reflections or shimmering sunlight are reduced.

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Bobby Wincer Lancashire Under 14’s and FHCC

By Adrian Halsall on 2016-04-15

Bobby is currently on  tour with Lancashire u14’s cricket squad, congratulations on having a fantastic season, wishing you continued success and hey looking good in your Ray Ban’s Bob!

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Isaac Update

By Adrian Halsall on 2016-04-15

Isaac’s Guide dog journey began when he moved in with his puppy walker, Cynthia.”He’s a very relaxed pup and he even knows the routine for bed time now  a very quick learner. ” Says Cynthia and he will enjoy his free-runs in Magnolia Park over the summer months

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Unlock 100% of your personal visual potential !

By Adrian Halsall on 2016-04-15


Make use of  100 % of your personal visual potential   

Our DNEye scanner  we will measure your eyes full refractive error ,( Not possible with a conventional eye examination alone). This result can be combined with any spectacle prescription determined by our Optometrist to ...   Read More

Sponsoring a Puppy for Guide Dogs

By Adrian Halsall on 2016-04-15

Meet Isaac the newest member of our team, we are pleased to help sponsor  him through his training to become a guide dog for the blind.

You to could sponsor a puppy for as little as £1 per week just click on the photo of Isac for more information

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December’s Christmas hamper winners

By Adrian Halsall on 2016-04-15

Congratulations to Mrs Sorrell and Mrs Marlor winners of our Christmas hamper draw, Happy new year to all from everyone at Eyesentials Opticians.

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Christmas Hamper

By Adrian Halsall on 2016-04-15

Anyone purchasing spectacles or contact lenses from us during December will automatically be entered into our prize draw for a chance  to win a Christmas hamper and a chance to win a pair of Wimbledon sunglasses worth over £100. Any of our patients can enter our draw to win the prizes simply send an email marked prize draw to with a short message about why you choose us to look after your eyes.

Novembers Sunglass Winner Mrs H Christopher

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Eye-ssential Mask

By Adrian Halsall on 2016-04-15

  • Relief from Dry eyes
  • Headaches / sinuses
  • Puffy eyes & more

Now in stock Eye-ssential Mask  by Bausch & Lomb

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Free Draw

By Adrian Halsall on 2016-04-15

Anyone attending for their  eye examination with us  during November will be automatically entered into our prize draw for a chance to to win a pair of prescription sunglasses worth over £100. Protecting your eyes from harmful ultra violet radiation UV is very important for visual  comfort and the long term health of your eyes. Dependant upon your needs medical, sport or fashion our opticians can advise you on the best sunglass lens for you. For more further informatio...   Read More

Experience the absolute freedom of natural vision

By Adrian Halsall on 2016-04-15

Not all lenses are equal !

September 19th sees the launch of a brand new state of the art progressive lens from Rodenstock. This exciting new addition to Rodenstock’s lens portfolio lets the wearer experience the absolute freedom of     100 % natural vision compared to many other varifocals.The best vision meets the best looks as these very t...   Read More

National Eyecare Week

By Adrian Halsall on 2016-04-15

Most of us take our eyes for granted it is only when something goes wrong that we really appreciate them. National Eye Health Week runs from 16th – 22nd September. We highly reccomend a visit to  ...   Read More

Free eye exam for children under 16

By Eyesentials Opticians on 2016-04-15


Unfortunately, your child won’t know what he’s not seeing. Do you?

We tend to take accurate eyesight as a given.This is understandable with nothing specific to compare it with. Children however, may not even realise they have less than perfect vision and this can affect their performance at school or perhaps, in sports activities.  A study by *Taylor Nelson Sofres determined that more than 1 in 3 parents with school age children did ...   Read More

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