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Impressionist 3D Video Measurement

Measuring you for your new spectacles has moved far beyond the days when a simple ruler would suffice. We now use iPads and tablets everyday for more accurate basic measurement, even taking a photograph so that you may view how you look wearing different frame styles.

High Tech lenses require High Tech measurement!

Our state of the art digital 3D video measuring system uses multiple cameras!

Measuring to a much higher degree of accuracy than standard methods of measurement and single camera based systems, it  provides the extra measurements required for the most sophisticated lenses.

  • Pantoscopic Angle (the angle of inclination of the front of the frame to the face).

  • Back Vertex distance (The distance from the back of the lens to the eye).

  • Wrap angle (the curvature of the frame front).

  • Pupillary distance (PD the horizontal distance between pupils)

  • Fitting Heights (the vertical position of the PD or segment/progression heights with multifocals).


Why take these extra measurements?

When these measurements are taken into account during the production process the resulting lens will have increased optical performance and significantly improved clarity.

You can see what you look like when trying on frames. Impressionist allows you to view your images on screen; we can even demonstrate lens thickness in your chosen frames and show the effects of tints and anti-reflection coatings

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