Diabetes and your Eyes


If you are diabetic it is vital that you have your regular eye examination as advised by your optician. This is in addition to your diabetic eye screening. Research shows that if retinopathy,  ( diabetic changes at the back of the eye) are detected early and treated appropriately, blindness can be prevented in 90% of those at risk. Having been involved with diabetic eye screening for more than 12 years and having seen around 40,000 diabetic eyes over that time we strongly agree and advise that if you are diabetic you have both examinations.

At Eyesentials we have always invested in the very latest technology to help us identify sight threatening conditions as early as possible.  In  2004 we got our first Retinal camera allowing us to view photographs of the retina in great detail. Technology continues to move forward and in 2011 we got our retinal scanner ( OCT)  literally looking inside the retina and allows us to identify sight threatening changes even  earlier than with the photograph alone .


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