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Children's eyewear

- from babies to teens - 

Whilst it should seem simple enough to scale down glasses for our children to wear, their faces are not proportioned in the same way as an adult's. Children's glasses therefore need to be designed with their facial features in mind so that a comfortable fit is achieved. 


Eyesentials Opticians provide eyecare and eyewear to children throughout every stage of their development.

Frames specifically

designed for kids

Our qualified Dispensing Opticians have years of experience in fitting children's frames, from kids designer glasses to frames that are available on the NHS.  

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Tomato glasses for babies

We use frame manufacturers that make frames to fit babies special facial characteristics. These frames are made of lightweight materials sympathetic to growth, particularly around the nose and the bridge, which has not fully developed at this age. 


Our experienced Dispensing Opticians will use their skill to help select the correct fitting frame and style.


toddler eye test

To keep up with their active lifestyle, toddler spectacles need to be robust. A common problem with poorly fitting glasses is that the wearer looks over the lens rather than through them.


Our experienced Dispensing Opticians ensure that spectacles are fitted correctly and are safe. 

Growing children

boy wearing glasses

School age children tend to have their own ideas about what they want their glasses to look like.


We have a huge range of different styles and colours to suit all requirements including many leading designer brands and frames that are covered by NHS entitlement vouchers. 



little girl wearing sunglasses

Good quality, UV blocking sunglasses are even more important for children than adults. Exposure to ultraviolet rays from sunlight accumulates over time. Wearing sunglasses helps to prevent UV damage that can affect vision later in life.


Eyesentials have sunglasses to suit all ages.


spectacle lenses

Worried about your child's rapid myopia progression?

MiYOSMART lenses by Hoya are the perfect solution to help curb myopia in children.


Hoya's non-invasive D.I.M.S. Technology provides a full vision correction and has a ring-shaped treatment zone to slow down myopia progression. The combination of the focus zone and treatment zone provides clear vision and manages myopia simultaneously - for lasting results.

MiYOSMART spectacle lenses are designed for a child's active lifestyle with an easy-to-clean, anti-reflective, durable coating. 

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vision analysis

Do you, or anyone you know, have dyslexia or experience problems with words jumbling or jumping around on a page?


Our colorimetry system allows us to examine eyes individually and prescribe bespoke coloured filters, which can be worn as spectacles. 


These filters are proven to enhance information pathways to the brain, leading to improved accuracy in reading, writing and comprehension.




Thorough and gentle kids eye tests to monitor their visual development.

colorimetry assessments



Unlock your potential with colour to reduce symptoms of visual stress.

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Ortho K


Overnight vision correction for glasses-free vision during the day.

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