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Imagine life without glasses

Ortho K lenses

Eyesential Opticians are proud to be on the forefront in the optical industry.


We are accredited Ortho K suppliers in Leyland, a cutting edge contact lens technology to correct vision whilst you sleep, so you can enjoy your day without the need for glasses or contact lenses.



vision correction

Ortho K, previously known as Orthokeratology, is a highly innovative technique involving wearing lenses whilst sleeping.


The cornea gently and painlessly reshapes overnight, improving vision. In the morning, the lens is removed and you are free from the need to wear spectacles or contact lenses during waking hours.

Who is suitable

for Ortho K lenses

Whether you've worn contact lenses before or even if you are new to them, Ortho K lenses may be an option for you depending on your prescription. 


Ortho K lenses are for people who:


  • Want clear natural vision

  • Want to be free from lenses for sports or outdoor activities (especially water sports)

  • Do not want to undergo laser refractive surgery

  • Find it hard to wear lenses all day without discomfort

  • Suffer from hay fever

  • Work in a dry or smoky atmosphere

  • Work in a dusty or wet environment

  • Find spectacles and conventional lenses just a plain nuisance

  • Children whose shortsightedness is progressive.


Should you wish to learn more about whether Ortho K lenses are suitable for you, simply contact us and you will receive friendly, useful advice.

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Accurate eye testing with the latest technology by our skilled opticians.



control lenses

Contact lenses designed to slow the progression of short-sightedness.

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Discover an alternative to wearing your glasses and clear, fuss-free vision.

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