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Hearing care in Leyland

audiology clinic

Have you noticed a change in your hearing?


Are you finding it hard to keep up with social situations or watch the television?


Don't suffer in silence. 


Our hearing plays a vital role in helping us to connect fully with the world around us. If you or someone you love is struggling to hear clearly, get in touch for a complimentary hearing assessment.

Don't miss out on

life's little moments

Your hearing is just as important to you as your eyesight. Our aim is to help you maintain your best hearing throughout your lifetime.

The quality of our hearing can make a big difference in our everyday lives. If you're struggling to hear as well as you used to, getting a test will determine if you're suffering from hearing loss.

Just a stone's throw away from the local town hall, our comprehensive hearing tests are completed by qualified experts. We are passionate about helping patients in Leyland and improving their quality of life. Leyland is a major mill town steeped in history, and the Eyesentials practice is situated in an area that proudly combines its heritage with modern shops and restaurants.

Our specialists can help with wax removal, tinnitus management or hearing aids, and with lifelong aftercare, you can be confident in choosing Eyesentials to provide world-class hearing care for you and your family.


We only recommend hearing devices from audiology manufacturers that we know and trust for their exceptional quality.

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Wax Removal

at our Leyland hearing clinic

Getting excess wax removed is quick, easy and painless at Eyesentials. Wax is designed to protect your ears from dirt, but from time to time, we can suffer from a build-up of ear wax. Wax build-up can happen to anyone, but the older you are, the more likely you are to have excess wax. If you're having difficulty hearing, feeling dizzy or are suffering from ear infections, wax removal could help.

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Removing unwanted excess wax, leaving you to enjoy the world around you.

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Take the opportunity to listen live to the latest technology and hear the difference.

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Your audiologist will assess your tinnitus requirements and find a management programme tailored to your needs.

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Your audiologist will continue to look after you and your hearing devices with repairs and servicing available to stay connected.

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We provide you with the latest in hearing aid technology personalised to your specific requirements.

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We can arrange for you to be seen in the comfort of your own home.

Your audiologists at Eyesentials

Matt Has been qualified as an Audiologist since 2013, after studying at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. He has worked in both the private and NHS sectors during this time, and is also qualified in wax removal via microsuction.

Matt likes spending time getting to know his patients well, in order to ensure they are provided with the right care, and the most suitable hearing instruments and solutions to help improve their everyday life. Helping patients hear better in situations specific to them is the most satisfying part of his job.  


In his spare time, Matt plays bass guitar in a band and was proud to release an album a couple of years ago. He also enjoys spending time and traveling with his young family and their dog Pinto. When he’s not busy, Matt will happily sit and watch any sport on TV for hours, especially cricket!


- Matt Kearon - 

Why book a free hearing test?

we go above and beyond

As soon as you notice your hearing has deteriorated, it's important to identify if hearing loss is the cause. With a free hearing test, we can conduct a thorough ear check to diagnose hearing loss and find a solution to slow down its progress.


If our experts recommend hearing aids, you can test out the latest technology in our practice and find rechargeable or invisible devices to suit you. We also offer repairs, replacement batteries and a 5-year warranty for your peace of mind.


Alternatively, you may benefit from our wax removal or tinnitus management services, or even our home visits. Whatever your needs, you can be sure that Eyesentials will go above and beyond to meet them with high-quality expertise, professionalism and care.

"The hearing aids are unnoticeable and the quality of hearing is so much better than with any of the hearing aids I’ve had before – in all environments.  I am delighted with them."

"I am pleased with the service and the quality of the product recommended. The cost was 20% cheaper than that recommended by another independent supplier."

"I wanted to tell you how delighted I am not only with my hearing aids but also with the overall level of service that you have given me."

eye tests at Eyesentials Opticians Leyla



Accurate eye testing with the latest technology by our skilled opticians. 

OCT scanning.jpg



A powerful tool in the early detection of eye disease and preserving vision.




Thorough and gentle kids eye tests to monitor their visual development.

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