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Your hearing is just as important to you as your eyesight. Our aim is to help you maintain your best hearing throughout your lifetime.

We run a regular audiology clinic at Eyesentials Opticians where we offer free hearing tests, hearing health checks and a range of services such as ear wax removal and tinnitus management. 


We only recommend hearing devices from audiology manufacturers that we know and trust for their exceptional quality.

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Have you noticed a change in your hearing?


Are you finding it hard to keep up with social situations or watch the television?


Don't suffer in silence. 


Our hearing plays a vital role in helping us to connect fully with the world around us. If you or someone you love is struggling to hear clearly, get in touch for a complimentary hearing assessment.

Your audiologist at Eyesentials

- Christina Porter - 

Following completion of her BSc in Audiology in 2010, Christina went on to work as an Audiologist in the NHS before deciding to move into private practice.

She has experience working with a world leading hearing aid manufacturer, which developed her knowledge and technical skills. She now puts her specialism to good use by applying the optimum hearing aid settings for each individual.

Christina is passionate about helping people to understand their hearing health and how to utilise technology to improve their quality of life. 

"The hearing aids are unnoticeable and the quality of hearing is so much better than with any of the hearing aids I’ve had before – in all environments.  I am delighted with them."

"I am pleased with the service and the quality of the product recommended. The cost was 20% cheaper than that recommended by another independent supplier."

"I wanted to tell you how delighted I am not only with my hearing aids but also with the overall level of service that you have given me."

Removing unwanted excess wax, leaving you to enjoy the world around you.

Take the opportunity to listen live to the latest technology and hear the difference.

Your audiologist will assess your tinnitus requirements and find a management programme tailored to your needs.

Your audiologist will continue to look after you and your hearing devices with repairs and servicing available to stay connected.

We provide you with the latest in hearing aid technology personalised to your specific requirements.

We can arrange for you to be seen in the comfort of your own home.

Free hearing tests

at our Leyland hearing clinic

Our experienced Audiologist will carry out a gentle hearing health check to assess the health of your ears, followed by a thorough hearing assessment. The hearing test is not difficult and we will explain every step of the process.

If a hearing aid is necessary, your options will be fully discussed with you. Every solution we offer is 100% unique to you and can be personalised to meet your individual requirements.

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Book your complimentary hearing test today

Book your complimentary hearing test today

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