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Myopia control

what is myopia?

Myopia occurs when the eye grows slightly too long, which means light is unable to reach the back of your retina. These rays of light focus just short of your retina, which means that distant objects will appear blurred. 


Short-sightedness is genetic and can run in families. Children and adults can also develop myopia and studies have linked it to focusing too much on nearby objects such as books and screens, and not spending enough time outdoors.

Myopia is reaching epidemic levels, the development of which can occur before the age of 10 and up to the age of 25 years.

Because of this, interventions have now been developed to attempt to slow the progression and therefore limit the degree of myopia in this developmental period. The sooner these interventions are put in place, the more likely the prescription will be kept at modest levels. 

Myopia management

options at Eyesentials

Your child's vision is important, and we can help you manage their myopia. We want to ensure your child has the best chance at having their best vision for life.


We recommend:


  • Your child attends regular eye examinations (available under the NHS for all children under 16 years old, and full time students under 19 years old)

  • Taking regular breaks from prolonged screen use or near vision tasks

  • Maintaining good posture to help create a good working distance from close tasks (ideally this should be about 30cms)

  • Spend more time outdoors, ideally 2hrs minimum per day.

In recent years, exciting new developments in contact lens and now glasses technology bring you the option to actually slow the progression of myopia.


We’re proud to be able to offer our patients three options to tackle their myopia management.

Ortho K contact lenses

Smiling Teenage Boy

Ortho K (orthokeratology) are contact lenses worn overnight that reshape the cornea to allow clear vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses in the daytime and have been shown to be effective in slowing short-sighted progression.

MiSight® contact lenses

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MiSight® soft daily contact lenses have been developed to slow myopic progression, and have the advantage of comfort and ease of handling.


They should be worn for the majority of the day and for most of the week.

MiYOSMART® lenses


*NEW* MiYOSMART® revolutionary spectacle lenses were launched in 2021.


These innovative glasses are an exciting alternative to managing the development of myopia​ and offer an alternative to the contact lens options.




Thorough and gentle kids eye tests to monitor their visual development. 




Discover an alternative to wearing your glasses and clear, fuss-free vision.

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Ortho K


Overnight vision correction for glasses-free vision during the day.

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