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It all starts with the Dneye scanner

Fully optimise your vision potential

DNeye scanner information

How Eyesentials measures and calculates individual eyes

Using our Rodenstock Dneye scanner we  measure all your eyes relevant biometric parameters.


Thousands of data points including crystalline lens power, eye length, vitreous chamber depth and much more refraction data error  are collected  using this ground breaking instrument enabling  the precise biometric parameters of your eyes to be recorded.

DNEYE scan eye results
dneye scan


Measuring the individual eye with the Dneye scanner

At Eyesentials opticians your individual eye dimensions are measured with the Dneye scanner. This data and your conventional spectacle prescription found by our Optometrist is then transmitted to Rodenstock, who then use Sophisticated artificial intelligence “ algorithms” to combine this data during production to create your unique biometric bespoke lenses.


Transmitting data to Rodenstock

While competitors also use measurement devices, no one actually transmits this full set of data into the production of the lens . We do. 


Calculating the biometric data set

Rodenstock patented calculations are used to create the extremely rich biometric data set. 


Constructing the biometric eye model

This data is then used to produce a precise biometric eye model that is unique to the individual eye. 


Transferring data digitally into the lens

The eye model is used in the lens calculation and finally transferred into the lens during production. Each lens is then customised according to the biometric parameters. 


Biometric Intelligent Glasses

Finally the person receives their glasses integrated with biometric intelligence - and all this takes just a few days. 

eye tests at Eyesentials Opticians Leyla



Accurate eye testing with the latest technology by our skilled opticians. 

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A powerful tool in the early detection of eye disease and preserving vision.




Discover an alternative to wearing your glasses and clear, fuss-free vision.

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