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DNEye Scanner

Our DNEye scanner will measure your eyes for full refractive error (not possible with a conventional eye examination alone). This result can be combined with your spectacle prescription determined by our Optometrist to make more use of your eyes full potential with High definition ( HD) spectacle lenses from Rodenstock.

Possible Aberrations or refractive errors within the eye can be classified into two  types; Higher order and Lower order aberration.

During a conventional eye examination your Optometrist will  measure your eye’s lower order aberrations and record the results  as Sphere, Cylinder and Axis (Spherical and astigmatic correction).

Higher order aberrations including, Trefoil ,Coma, quadrafoil will be measured with the DNeye scanner, and with the combination of  results it can be possible to achieve much sharper vision.

Thanks to DNEye you simply see sharper and with higher contrast which is particularly noticeable in poorer light conditions such as dusk.

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