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Children's eyecare

- safeguarding their future vision - 

Eye examinations for children play an important role in ensuring normal vision development and academic achievement.  Quite often, children will not complain of vision problems simply because they don’t know what “normal” vision is.

Eye problems are common in children but may not be noticed by parents. Therefore, it is very important that all children have their eyes tested, even if parents are not worried.

Even if your child’s vision has been checked and is shown to be normal, they should continue to have regular eye checks about every 2 years because problems can occur at any age.


Thorough & gentle

kids eye tests

It is not necessary for your child to be able to read to have their eyes tested.


It is possible to see whether the child has a squint or needs glasses just by looking at their eyes with special equipment, and without asking them any questions.


Eye examinations do not hurt! Our optometrist is fully qualified and has years of experience in carrying out children's eye tests in a relaxed and friendly environment. 

We will fully explain every step we take so that you have full reassurance that we are taking great care of your children's eye health.

NHS entitlement

for kids eyecare

There is no need to worry about the cost of keeping your child's eyes healthy.


The NHS provide free eye examinations for:

  • Under 16′s.

  • Under 19′s in full time education.

  • Anyone registered partially sighted or blind.

Children are also entitled to an optical voucher for help towards the cost of their glasses or contact lenses.

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Ortho K


Overnight vision correction for glasses-free vision during the day.

colorimetry assessments



Unlock your potential with colour to reduce symptoms of visual stress.

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We supply a range of comfortable, age-appropriate frames kids will love.

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