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Adrian Halsall FBDO Hons LVA is our low vision specialist. We are part of Central Lancashire funded Low vision scheme free to anyone registered with a GP practice within a central Lancashire postcode. 


We will undertake an eye examination to assess your level of vision and the health of your eyes. We will assess your residual vision to advise what assistance low vision aids may give you to see more clearly things like correspondence, television, bus numbers etc.


We can supply:

Modified Spectacles | Spectacle mounted telescopes | Special illumination | Lens Filters | Hand held telescopes | CCTV (closed circuit television | Magnifiers – illuminated and hand held | Stand Magnifiers | Monoculars | Telescopes | Reading Stands

Magnification can be useful for a variety of tasks and need not always be classified as a low vision aid. Many people will find Simple assistance with hobbies such as artwork sewing stamp collecting etc much easier with a simple magnifier and we have a range of magnifiers designed with these tasks in mind.

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