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Eschenbach mobilux® DIGITAL Touch HD

Eschenbach mobilux® DIGITAL Touch HD

  • 4x-12x magnification
  • Relaxed reading due to non-reflective, high contrast display
  • 2 in 1: handy reading device for when you‘re on the move plus simple screen-reading device for use at home
  • Easy orientation and reading as the HD camera is positioned centrally under the display
  • Simple, intuitive operation via touchscreen with clearly recognisable symbols
  • You can write under the reading device when it is in the tilted position


The new digital magnifier mobilux® DIGITAL touch HD from Eschenbach Optik has magnifications of 4x through to 12x, making it an ideal solution to many vision tasks. Whilst the 4.3" touch-screen ensures intuitive operation at all times, the HD camera positioned centrally under the non-reflective, high contrast display, makes orientation easy during reading and provides maximum definition.
Thanks to its handy format and minimum weight, Eschenbach's mobilux® DIGITAL touch HD is perfect for reading on the move. What's more, at home it can be simply connected via USB to a computer offering the full functionality of a screen reader. 

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