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Vario Digital FHD

Vario Digital FHD

  • Outstanding image quality due to high-quality components
  • Full HD camera with integrated auto-focus
  • Very large field of view
  • Unique design
  • User friendly menu
  • Photo function with storage facility on inserted SD card
  • Simple to set up and fold away

vario DIGITAL FHD is the first portable desktop video magnifier to be developed by Eschenbach Optik. The aim was to develop a powerful everyday device that is versatile and easy to use. In fulfilling this brief Eschenbach has created an exceptional device. 
The full HD camera is equipped with an optical digital zoom which provides 1.3x to 45x magnification. Its high speed focus guarantees automatic focusing in a matter of seconds.
The non-reflective 15.6" LCD TFT display provides a pin sharp, true colour image in full HD resolution and cant fail to impress with the highest quality image.
vario DIGITAL FHD combines innovative functionality with a robust design and a high level of stability. The ergonomic carrying handle makes the device easy to transport.

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