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& visual stress

Visual stress causes symptoms and visual discomfort when reading black text on a white background. Symptoms vary in their severity but can range from headaches, fatigue and sore eyes when reading, to an inability to look at text. Visual stress often culminates in an avoidance of reading altogether, which can greatly affect education and work.

It is often thought that visual stress and dyslexia are the same thing, however they are different conditions. People with dyslexia are, however, more likely to suffer from visual stress.

colorimery testing coloured overlays

Using colour

to unlock potential

Coloured overlays can improve reading speed and accuracy. They can enable longer periods of reading free of discomfort.


When they do, it is an indication that the individual may benefit from Precision Tinted Lenses.


The lenses are prescribed using specialist equipment called a Colorimeter.

What happens 

in a colorimetry assessment?

Cerium Colorimeter

Your appointment will begin with a full eye examination as it is important to rule out any other problems in the first instance.


If no ocular problems are detected, we will explore the use of colour to help with visual difficulties when reading. We do this by using coloured overlays to help identify and alleviate symptoms of visual stress.

For those who found coloured overlays helpful, we can carry out a colorimetry assessment using a specialist machine called a Colorimeter. This technology is the only colour system to be supported by over 25 years of validated research.

The Colorimeter is able to accurately detect the exact tint required for spectacle lenses from over 110,000 colour options. Precision Tinted Lenses are completely unique to the wearer. They are sent to a specialist lab to be created.

colorimetry lenses

We pride ourselves on being a practice in the digital age, and the only optician in Leyland to offer Colorimetry assessments for visual stress. 

Our patients have told us that the results of Colorimetry have been life changing.


If you or anyone you know has been struggling with discomfort when reading, we welcome you to get in touch to explore how colour can help you. 

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Accurate eye testing with the latest technology by our skilled opticians. 

OCT scanning



A powerful tool in the early detection of eye disease and preserving vision.

Kid with glasses



Thorough and gentle kids eye tests to monitor their visual development.

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