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eye scanning

At Eyesentials we have always invested in the very latest technology to help us identify sight threatening conditions as early as possible.


In 2004 we got our first retinal camera allowing us to view photographs of the retina in great detail. Optical technology continues to move forward and in 2011 we got our retinal scanner (OCT) before any other optician in Leyland. 

OCT Maestro

What happens 

during an OCT scan?

An OCT - Ocular Coherence Tomography - is an advanced eye scan for people of all ages. It enables us to look inside the retina and allows us to identify sight threatening changes even  earlier than with a retinal photograph alone.


An OCT scanner uses waves of light to take images of your retina, providing an image of the layers that make up your retina. Our optometrist can measure the thickness of these layers and note any gradual changes over time that may indicate early signs of eye conditions.

OCT scanning

An OCT scan can detect eye conditions like:

  • glaucoma

  • age-related macular degeneration

  • diabetic retinopathy

  • disorders of the optic nerve.

Even if your eyes appear healthy, we can use an OCT scan to take a baseline image, making it much easier to diagnose, treat and manage these potentially sight-threatening conditions.

OCT Scan Image
eye tests at Eyesentials Opticians Leyla



Accurate eye testing with the latest technology by our skilled opticians. 

Close up of eye



Eyesentials work alongside our local hospitals to provide eye care schemes.

Red Head Woman with ortho k lenses

Ortho K


Overnight vision correction for glasses-free vision during the day.

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