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Eye health


We actively work along side our local hospitals to provide care schemes such as glaucoma monitoring, cataract referrals, minor eye conditions service and historically we were heavily involved with diabetic eye screening.

All of this has meant our team have amassed a wealth of clinical knowledge, extra accreditation and qualifications to compliment many years experience using and interpreting information from our OCT retinal scanner enabling earlier detection of eye disease.


eye care

red watery eye

Noticed a sudden change in your vision, suffering from red, sore, itchy or painful eyes? Do you have flashes or floaters in your vision or something else is worrying you? Call us for an emergency eyecare appointment. 

Dry eye


Dry eye syndrome treatment

If you experience gritty, dry, burning, fatigued, itchy or painful eyes, you may be suffering from dry eye syndrome. We can diagnose and offer treatment for dry eyes and blepharitis.

Cataract referrals

eye with cataract

We are able to diagnose cataracts and refer patients to an eye specialist (ophthalmologist) for further treatment. We can provide pre and post surgery cataract management on behalf of the NHS, so there is no cost to you.



OCT scan showing macula

We can deliver glaucoma monitoring appointments on behalf of your local NHS care provider, including: an eye pressure check, visual field testing and a digital photography to check your optic nerve. 

Low vision

Coil Hand Magnifier

Are you struggling to achieve a good level of vision with your glasses? We are part of central Lancashire funded low vision scheme free to anyone registered with a GP practice within a central Lancashire postcode. 

eye tests at Eyesentials Opticians Leyla



Accurate eye testing with the latest technology by our skilled opticians. 

OCT scanning.jpg



A powerful tool in the early detection of eye disease and preserving vision.




Discover an alternative to wearing your glasses and clear, fuss-free vision.

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