Our approach

to your eye examination

Your eyesight is precious and our aim is to help you maintain healthy eyes and good vision throughout your lifetime.

We have invested heavily in the latest equipment to ensure that every part of your eye examination is as thorough and accurate as possible.​

eye test equipment

Taking the time

to ensure the best care possible

We will provide an exclusive experience that’s un-hurried; we wish to provide the most accurate and detailed assessment of your eye health and vision possible irrespective of time taken.

We treat our patients as individuals and tailor the range of service and clinical care that we offer to suit you.

We recommend the advanced version of our eye examination for all our patients a longer appointment allowing us to fully utilize the benefits of the very latest instrument technology we have, to detect much earlier potential sight threatening conditions than would otherwise possible.

Our highly skilled Optometrists genuinely care about what they do.

Investing in 

the latest technology

We don’t make comparisons with other opticians; but we do take great pride that it will be hard to find a better equipped practice than Eyesentials.

We have a sustained on-going programme to invest in the very latest technology and our history has shown we have very often been the first to adopt technology such as OCT advanced optical imaging as long ago as 2012.

In 2021 we have introduced an Optomap to the practice to work alongside our OCT to allow an even greater retinal health assessment.

Zeiss Humphrey’s field machine

OCT machine

Early detection of eye disease can be crucial in preserving our vision. OCT allows our opticians to literally look inside your retina for earlier signs of a problem.

Slit lamp

A specialist microscope with a bright light that is used during your eye test to allow our optometrist to look closely at the front and inside of the eye. It enables us to check for any diseases or abnormalities.

Zeiss Humphrey

field machine

A machine that determines central and peripheral (side) vision. We ask you to press a button each time a spot of light is seen. It is used to detect and diagnose glaucoma and other visual field defects.

Corneal topographer

The corneal topographer is used to carry out an detailed evaluation of the shape of the cornea to detect eye conditions, as well as Meibomian glands observation and tear film analysis.

Colorimetry machine

A Colorimeter is used in colorimetry assessments to prescribe the exact tint of colour that can alleviate an individual’s symptoms of visual stress. This shade is used to create Precision Tinted Lenses.

Thompson test chart

The Thompson test chart plays an integral part of any eye examination. Our optometrist will ask you to read letters from the chart to assess your vision and determine your prescription.  


Optomap® is an ultra-wide scan of the back of your eye, which allows us to view up to 82% of your retina, compared to 15% of your retina seen with more traditional technology.




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