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At Eyesentials we offer advanced MiSight® contact lenses by CooperVision that help to control and manage myopia.


The growth of myopia is increasing at a worryingly rapid rate and it is thought that in the coming years it will more than double worldwide. Therefore it is important that we have the best measures in place to help alleviate the symptoms for those that suffer from short-sightedness.

Child suffering from myopia

What is


Myopia occurs when the eye grows slightly too long, which means light is unable to reach the back of your retina. These rays of light focus just short of your retina, which means that distant objects will appear blurred. 


Short-sightedness is genetic and can run in families. Children and adults can also develop myopia and studies have linked it to focusing too much on nearby objects such as books and screens, and not spending enough time outdoors.

How do

MiSight® lenses help?

CooperVision's innovative design controls the axial length increase and myopia progression whilst correcting the refractive error. By using single-fit contact lenses, this offers myopia patients an easy and convenient solution compared to other methods of treatment. 


The lenses are worn daily, just like many other soft daily disposable contacts and do not affect normal routines and activities such as work, study, reading and computer use.


MiSight® lenses substantially slow myopia progression and help elongate the eye in both children and adults without causing discomfort.


Results in those that continually wore the lenses daily for 3 years showed extremely high levels of satisfaction from both adult users and parents of children wearing the lenses.

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Thorough and gentle kids eye tests to monitor their visual development. 




Discover an alternative to wearing your glasses and clear, fuss-free vision.

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Ortho K


Overnight vision correction for glasses-free vision during the day.

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