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You're Guide to Choosing the Right Pair of Glasses

Choosing the right pair of glasses is not always the easiest job.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get in practice is ‘what shape of frame will best suit my face?’. It’s a really important decision and one you may have to live with for the next two years so it’s worth taking time to make sure your glasses look fantastic… after all your face is the first thing everyone sees.

Choosing a frame that compliments your looks rather than masking them is the most important consideration when selecting your new spectacles. We have put together a simple guide which will, hopefully, make the task a little easier.


Round Face Shape

A circular face with full cheeks and a round chin. A round shaped face that has little or no angles for definition requires a frame to make it appear narrower and longer. Angular, narrow frame will help to lengthen the face. Avoid oval or round shaped frames.


Rectangle Face Shape

Rectangle faces generally have a deeper forehead, a square chin with a strong jaw line and nose length. Large square frames usually help make the face appear shorter and more balanced. Another recommendation would be to choose a strong brow line to make your face seem wider. Avoid shallow frames that will lengthen its appearance further.


Now these are the lucky ones! With balanced proportions, an oval face is an ideal shape for most frames. To maintain the natural proportions of a rounded chin and forehead frames that are as wide, or slightly wider, than the broadest part of the face is the best choice. Why not be adventurous and try some modern angular styles?


If your face width and length are proportionated and you have a broad forehead and strong jaw line, you probably fit into this category. The aim here is to soften the angles and place emphasis on the eyes and lengthen the nose. For this face shape consider oval or round frames which are very ‘on trend’ now. Avoid angular frames as these emphasis angular features.

Warm Tones Cool Tones

The last, but just as important, is to consider your colouring. As we do with our clothing, apply the same rules when choosing frames that compliment your complexion and hair colour. For fair hair – soft pastel shades or metal frames will ensure your specs don’t overwhelm your face. For dark hair – black or brown works well for a more dramatic look.

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