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Say I love you?

Confessing love

Reading emotions in another person’s eyes is something we can all do. The human gaze is the way we as humans communicate most: the way we can connect intensely, transmit our thoughts, feelings and the magic of attraction.

“The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze.” – Gustav Adolfo Becquer.

When looking at someone we are attracted to our pupils dilate, when something or someone attracts us, it is common for the pupil to look flooded like a full moon, immense and illuminated by emotion - by the power of attraction.

Likewise, it is also common to blink more than usual, a mechanism that start is the brain when we feel nervous, when we interact with someone we like.

Our eyes and glances can transmit remarkable emotional information. Sometimes this way of reading emotions escapes us, but if we catch it, it can be encapsulating.

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