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Spring / Summer 2019 Sunglasses Trends

Woman designer trendy sunglasses

We are so excited by the new releases of all your favourite designer brands.

Sunglass trends for Spring/summer 2019 promise to excite and allure, with innovative colours, prints and bold animalistic shapes.

2019 is the year of bigger, better, and brighter. There is a new shape on the horizon: butterfly.

We have compiled a list of the best trends to look out for as spring and summer 2019 fast approaches; let us guide you to tailoring your best look this summer.

  • Shield Sunglasses

Shield sunglasses: the bigger the better. The breakout trends are shield sunglasses, both classical and with a sporty twist.

Shield Sunglasses provide a good level of protection and cover a lot of the face. Made up from one large piece of protective material, they cover both eyes and the bridge of the nose.

Fashion designers are playing around with this style this season; super oversized shield sunglasses are looking to be key style trend.

Aerodynamic shapes, colourful mirrored lenses and totally frameless shield sunglasses offer a sporty design, popular amongst surfers and snowboarders that require serious sun protection.

  • Extreme Bling!

Jewels and embellishments are a firm favourite trend on high-end sunglasses and this season designers are taking this to the extreme.

We love the distinctive offering from Jimmy Choo; timeless style, bright colours and luxury décor. The design is refined elegance with shimmering sophisticated detailing adding a touch of glamour to everyday life with an everlasting appeal.

For a brand synonymous with glamour and class; it must be Tiffany & Co. Renowned for its timeless classic design and high-quality craftsmanship. Tiffany’s exquisite selection of sunglasses is an indulgence you will treasure forever.

  • Animalistic

Bringing an innovative style to sunglasses is a fascinating variation on shape offering a fun, edgy twist to eye protection. From the retro charm of the cat eye to the modern edge of butterfly shapes we are taken on animalistic adventure.

Inspired by the idea of abstract flower petals, the new Tiffany Paper Flowers collection is a balance of refined femininity and industrial modernity.

  • Square- lens

Following on from 2018’s feminine cat eyes to tiny triangle shades, this year we are going SQUARE! Highlighting the cheekbones and jawline, a squarer shape is the perfect entry level to cat-walk fashion.

  • Aviators

Aviators are an absolute style classic and they will always be a staple sunglass design, and spring / summer 2019 is no exception.

Aviator sunglasses this season are either perfectly traditional or majorly futuristic. Innovating with coloured and mirrored lenses, the chromatic and classic trend of the aviator is a firm favourite here at Eyesentials in Leyland.

Spring / Summer 2019 promises to be everything you want it to be: it can be fun, sporty or classic. Our personal favourite look is the butterfly shaped aviators on the horizon; they are so new and never seen before, yet so striking.

Our practise will be bustling with all the latest cutting-edge trends, and we are so excited for you to come visit us in practise to share the excitement.

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