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What's so Special About The Steve McQueen From Persol?

Steve McQueen Persol Sunglasses

Persol is known for its elegance and originality within its Italian manufacturing of sunglasses and optical frames. The name itself comes from ‘Per il Sole’ meaning for the sun. The company first started out creating sun protection for the Italian air aviation and armed forces. Its brand has developed since then to be seen on well-known sportsmen and woman, international figures and celebrities of the acting world.

One of the renowned actors of the 1960’s and 70’s was that of Steve McQueen who appeared in well-known films such as The Magnificent Seven (1960), The Great Escape (1963), Thomas Crown Affair (1968) and Papillon (1973). He rose in popularity as a role model of the counter culture of the 1960’s. He was seen wearing a Persol - the 714 - in the Thomas Crown Affair, and was often seen wearing it in his private life as well which helped to make this model so iconic.

As part of Persol celebrating its 100 years of its origins, they have released, in very limited numbers, a special edition of the 714 and have named it the Steve McQueen™. The actor was known for wearing the eye catching light Havana acetate version with crystal blue lenses. The beautiful lenses not just being decorative do help to block out the harmful UV rays. The Steve McQueen™ is a statement in itself in the same way the actor was. For an alternative look, the frame is also available in dark Havana and black.

Persol sunglasses have defining features that make them stand out from the crowd. In particular, they have a silver arrow on the side and are often referred to as the ‘Supreme Arrow’ - this iconic feature is on the Steve McQueen™. They also include a flexible side that is functional by providing comfort and adaptability. The final touch the frame has is a folding system that enables it be to be handily kept in your pocket or in your bag when you are not using them.

What makes the Steve McQueen™ extra special is the estate looking after Steve McQueen assets have limited how many products out there that can be referred to him. The resulting effect reduces the commercial saturation that can occur when a well-known name is over used. This making the Steve McQueen™ an investment for the future by being available for a limited time and with restricted availability.


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