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Will my Lenses fit any Frame?

Lenses and frame

Generally any lens can fit into any frame. However, we must take into consideration the prescription we are working with as this will help us to determine how thick or thin the lenses can be.

It will also help us to determine the design of the lens we will need to use. We then have to consider the design of the frame, is it rimless? Semi-rimless? Full rim or in line glazed frames? All of this will help us to advise what material of lens we need to use as some lenses have elastic properties hence will be better suited to rimless glasses for example. Some stronger prescriptions may need high index thin lenses to achieve the best results.

We would also need to consider how the wearer will be using their glasses, so in the case of needing glasses for distance and near vision work, we would need to bear in mind the working area so we can then advise on the correct bifocal, varifocal or occupational lenses.

In cases where we are working with mild prescriptions we may even need to manufacture the lens to thicken it up so it can be glazed into the frame securely.

Our qualified & experienced dispensing opticians will be on hand to give you a one-to-one consultation on the best frames & lenses to work in unison giving the best results for you.

There are also different lenses which can help enhance the look and performance of the glasses too. From reflection free lenses to transition lenses which are photo sensitive so change colour to protect your eye from UV & brightness.

We offer a variety of options on lens technology from standard lenses to lenses that can give you HD vision. From fashion frames, traditional styles, children’s frames, specialist frames, sports frames and safety glasses, we have the frame that will fit comfortably to you & we have the lenses that will fit them to suit all of your needs.


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